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Lesmarc Today

We have grown year by year to incorporate clients from different sectors to our portfolio - proven data of 700+ clients (2016) – – providing and carrying out a wide range of Logistics services (Ext / Int / Transport / Dist / Maritime / e-commerce).

We have over 15,000 m2 for external Logistics services (locations: Madrid, Gerona, and Pamplona).

We carry out and implement made-to-measure Internal Logistic Projects.

In the field of road transport we operate with over 70 drivers in the EEC and Eastern Europe.

As far as maritime transport is concerned, we process shipments under the conditions of international trade as agreed by our client with your client (over 300 maritime containers processed in 2016).

We invest in technology so as to obtain reliability and to provide a good service to our clients. Our SQL (Structure Query Language) Server covers the whole cycle: transport, logistics, and administration. We also have GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Devices installed in all our trucks. Furthermore, we run our warehouses by means of RF systems.